Beautiful Short Hairstyles and Ideas for Women

A short hairstyle is defined as hair that is cut chin length or shorter. But, for centuries, long hair for women had been the norm, along with making that long hair as ornate as possible with accessories and the vast array of hairstyles that were out there. It was only in the 1920’s that women started to wear their hair shorter.

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A Short History on Short Hairstyles

In the 1920’s, the most famous woman to have a short haircut while still retaining a certain level of chic and sophistication was Louise Brooks, who popularized the bobbed short hairstyle. In the 1920’s, the finger wave was also a popular look for short hair. In the 1930’s, waves were still the thing for short hair, but a less polished look was starting to become popular with the crown of the head smooth while the base of the hair was volumized for an almost tousled look. This type of hair style made it a lot easier to wear small hats. It was at this point in time that short hair on women was starting to become a little controversial. Short hair was still considered for men only and should be treated as such. If a woman wanted a short haircut, their femininity should be hidden, as well. Therefore, in the 1940’s, “short” hair had become an illusion. Women rolled up their hair or piled all their hair on top of their head to give the illusion of short hair while still retaining their femininity. In the 1950’s, it was the “Italian” look that was the look for short hair, made popular by people like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.


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In the 1960’s, even shorter hair became popular thanks to the model, Twiggy, who made the pixie look the look of the day. It was at this time that people’s view on short hair for women began to change. This was due in part to the fact that Twiggy not only had short hair that resembled a boyish haircut, but that she still retained – and showcased – her femininity by dressing in the short miniskirts and more fashionable “mod” clothing of the day. However, short hair still had a long way to go to become the norm. In the 1970’s, the spotlight still remained on long hair. Long straight hair or long hair with a lot of curls was the fashion. Short hair was still in the race, but women were now starting to wear longer short hair with cuts like the shag, the wedge, and the pageboy. Punk was also starting to have an influence on short hair. Big was still in for the 1980’s. Short hair was still around, but it took on a more manly quality as women began to feather their short hair back and off to the side. Things turned around for short hair in the 1990’s. Short hair was becoming softer and edgier thanks to razor cutting and layering. The “Rachel” was the popular hairstyle for the 90’s. Women were also starting to go back to the pixie look made popular back in the 60’s with close cropped hair.

Short Hair Trends in 2015

Today, short hair is considered the norm for women and, as with long hair, styles are still changing. Some of the current trends for short hair are to add a flip to the ends of short hair. A mass of texture can also be added to make fine hair look fuller. A twist of soft curls can be added to the asymmetrical line of a short haircut to create movement and to add texture. There could be a side undercut to show off the clean tapered look. Bangs on short hair could be swept to one side and feathered. Braids could be added to break up the style. For a bobbed haircut, waviness can be added. A splash of color can also be added for a sort of peek-a-boo streak. Volume can always be added. For bolder personalities, the Mohawk look can be the fashion trend of the day made famous back in the 1980’s. Short hairstyles can also be mixed and matched. For example, an asymmetrical line can be added to a pixie haircut. It all depends on the imagination, but whatever the style, it is fair to say short hairstyles for women are here to stay. And, no matter what the style, there is no mistaking a woman with short hair for anyone than a woman.











What is it about short hair?

The thinking has always been that, if you want to do more, you have to have more. This way of thinking was true even with hair. The longer the hair, the more styles you can create. If you had short hair, that was it, that was your style. Short hair became a style unto itself. Nothing more could be done if you had short hair…not true! Styles for short hair, as with long hair, have changed and continue to change over the years. But, just what is it about short hair that makes women want to abandon their long, lovely tresses for something that may make them look like a little boy? There may be many factors as to why women cut their hair short, but one of the big factors may be to reflect change. Going from long hair to short hair can reflect a much needed change in a woman’s life or it can befit changes that are going on at the moment in a woman’s life. It can be a bold statement for any woman.

Is short hair for every woman?

To be honest, short hair is not for every woman. Short hair brings out the bold, defined, more “handsome” features of the face. Short hair is for those women who have those sharp defined features to their face and who are not afraid to show them off. Women also need to remember that what looks good on their favorite celebrity may not always look good on them and that celebrities have an arsenal of hairstylists at their disposal for when they need a touch-up on their look. Going from long hair to short hair can also be a very traumatic experience, especially if a woman is not prepared for how short hair will look on her or if it is not something a woman wanted to do after all. Therefore, women should consider all of their options before deciding on a short hairstyle. A short hairstyle should match the shape of their face, as well as the features they want to highlight. Short hair on older women is great because it gives a more feminine, younger look.

What are the Benefits of Short Hair

There are some benefits to having short hair. Short hair is a lot more manageable. It does not need to be combed as long and has often as long hair; therefore it is easier to maintain. For some women with a short haircut, all they need to do is wash their hair and go. For those women who want a little more style added to their short hair, hair styling products will last a lot longer with short hair versus long hair. Short hair is also great for women with active lifestyles. A short hairstyle can also give off a clean, more professional look in the work place.

And, once you decide on the type of short hairstyle that is right for you, it does not have to stop there. There is still so much more that can be done with your short style. Short hair can be left straight, but it doesn’t have to be. Short hair can also be spiked. It can be curled. It can be wavy. It can be asymmetrical. It can be swept to one side. It can be slicked back. It all depends on how creative you want to be with your short hair. Over the years, short hair has been bobbed with a lot of different angles for that “messed up” look. It was cut very evenly with a heavy bang for that more sleeker, more sophisticated look. Short hair has been shingled so the hair looks long in the front, but short in the back. Short hair has even been cut shorter for that cropped look.

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Short Hairstyles are good, but don’t get carried away…


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