Best Short Curly Hairstyles for 2013

Short curly hairstyles have been gaining in popularity, and there are many beautiful variations to choose from. These types of hairstyles are used by people all over the world, and the more you look, the more you will see that there are many charms to these types of styles. When you choose one of these hairstyles, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and you will be surprised at how many compliments you get. Many women are especially turning to curly short hairstyles for a look that is different than their norm.

Having short hair is a freeing thing that many women really enjoy. You will have more time, as it will take you less time to style it. You will also use a lot less product, and in the summer you are cooler and you can wrap a scarf around it during the winter.

Who Wears Short Curly Hairstyles?

For the most part, you will find women wearing short curly hairstyles. These styles come in many variations, and women of all ages and races wear them. If you have naturally curly hair, you want to make sure to find a stylist who specializes in curly hair. No doubt, you have run into stylists who do not know how to cut curly hair and have suffered bad haircuts, not to mention all the frizz! People who have curly haircuts often get asked if their hair is natural, and upon answering that it is, usually hear something else like how jealous the other person is. Although having curly locks can be great, it is not all fun, as anyone with naturally curly hair can tell you. This is most likely the reason you have seen many women with curls straighten their hair at some point or another, but with all the variations for curly short hairstyles, it is really a shame when a woman choose to straighten her hair that others pay so much money to get.

Types of Short Curly Hairstyles

Short curly hairstyles are enjoyed by women who like hairstyles that are wash and wear, and they can be seen with layers, messy uniform layer cuts and top-heavy layers with short graduated bottoms. Here are just a few options.

French Braid Fringe – This style of wearing your short curly locks includes putting a braid across the front and weaving it into the rest of your hair for a straightforward, but unexpected style.

Asymmetrical – If you can wear this look, go for it! This involves one side of your haircut being a bit longer, with the other side cut very short and close to your head. This gives your haircut an angled look and is a favorite style for many women who can pull this look off.

Highlighted with Side Swept Heavy Bangs and Layers – Highlights which are subtle can help add dimension and define a wavy, short hairstyle. Add dramatic bangs for a bit of mystery.

Side Parted Beachy Layers – Short and sassy hair that is full of playful, beachy curls in back and then is smooth in the bang area.

Short Curly Hairstyles

Audrey Tautou’s Short Curly Hairstyle

Audrey Tautou's Short Curly Hairstyle

A good curly style as well.

Blond Short Curl Hair

Best Curly Hairstyle for Round Faces

Curly Short Hairstyles Round Faces

An Easy lots of curls short hairstyle

easy hairstyle short curly

Jasica Nicole Curly Short Hairstyles

jasica nicole short hairstyles curly

Meg Ryan’s short curly hairstyle

meg ryan short curly hairstyle

A Retro Style Curly hairstyle

retro curls short

Selena Gomez’s curly hairstyle

selena gomez short curly hairstyle

Lots of curls in this short hairstyle

short curly  hairstyles

Another awesome short curly hair with bob style

Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

short curly down bridal hairstyle

short curly down bridal hairstyle

Attractive curly hair style

Attractive curly hair style

A good curly hairstyle example for aged women

short curly hairstyle for women

Short Wavey Hairstyle

short curly hairstyle wavey

Braided Curls in short hair

short hair curly style

Properly Curled Hairs

short hairstyles curled hairs

Wedding short curly hair do idea

wedding short curly hairstyles

Rihanna short curly hairstyle

rihanna short curly hairstyle

Another Short Hairstyle of Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou short curly hairstyle

Another nice looking short wedding hairstyle idea

short wedding hairstyle curls

Super Curls

Super Curls


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