Attractive Collection of Shag Hairstyles

Shag hairstyles have been around for quite some time and have become very versatile over the decades. Created in the 70’s by barber Paul McGregor, it was first sported by Jane Fonda. It’s a cut which is layered in various lengths.

This results in making the hair look fuller around the crown of the head and tapers off to thinner fringes near the ends. It can give volume to thin hair and thin out hair that is too thick and bushy. The look is very relaxed and textured and has been worn by many famous people from rock stars to actresses and actors. That’s right, this is a unisex style that can be worn by male or female. It was originally designed to be a shorter cut but has evolved into shaggy bobs and long tapered cuts.

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Who Wear Shag Hairstyle?

Shag hairstyles can be worn by any age, but it tends to be more popular with women in their 30’s and older. This is because it creates a more youthful appearance. Because of the versatility in length, it’s a great cut for people with oblong, round, diamond, rectangular, square, or heart shaped faces.

Your stylist can tell you what length and style of shag would best suit your features. It’s also very easy to maintain and style which makes it great for busy mom’s or career women on the go. It gives a carefree, funky, and casual appearance so in order to pull it off properly it is best worn by people who are confident and want to look trendy. It isn’t a style that will suit you if you are looking for an elegant, sophisticated, and neat hairstyle.

Shag styles can be cut short in order to frame the face, adding volume to limp hair. Medium lengths have more layers also giving volume. Long shag hairstyles are a bit rarer and one needs to be careful of adding too many layers because it can make the haircut look too busy. In this instance it’s best to go for fewer layers to give a more tapered look. Adding some highlights and lowlights to the style can really help emphasize the texture of your shag hairstyle too.

Shag cuts can be curly or straight and depending on the styling products and technique you use will determine whether your shag will look more sleek and tapered, or perfectly messy. Following is a collection of different shag styles to show you how versatile the look can be.

Shag Hairstyles

Long Layered shag haircut

long layered shag haircut

shag haircut pictures

shag hairstyle women

This is a best example of Best Shag Hairstyles.

Best Shag Hairstyles

Jennifer Anniston’s wearing Shag Hairstyle.

jennifer anniston Shag Hairstyle

Another good example of Shag Hairstyle

latest shag hairstyle

Short Shag Hairstyle

Short shag haircut

short shag hairstyle

short shag hairstyles

women shag hairstyle

Beautiful Long Shag Hairstyle


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