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For a tattoo that is a bit different and has a lot of history, lore and attitude, you can try a Scorpio tattoo. Carrying a lot of history full of stories, the scorpion is sometimes popular when it is someone’s zodiac sign, or if you really like the foreboding and dark sense that scorpions give. Or, you might just simply love the way they look.

Scorpio tattoos can be quite forbidding and dark, but they can be much more attractive then you might first think. These tiny desert creatures that are deadly as well look something like a cross between a spider and a small lobster, with graceful, curvy bodies which look great in a traditional Scorpio tattoo design.

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Who Wears Scorpio Tattoos and Where?

A traditional Scorpio tattoo can look intriguing and exotic on either a man or a woman, and they are overall a great reputation for anyone who wants a tattoo with some edge to it, or something that is a bit different. Scorpio tattoos can be small or large, and they can have a lot of detail, or very little. They are easy to recognize no matter how you decide the design of the Scorpio tattoo to be made since anyone who has never seen a real scorpion still seem to have an instant recognition of this symbol and what it represents.

Designs of Scorpio Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos are some of the most popular of the styles for tattoos, so it is no surprise that traditional Scorpio tattoos are so popular. It is a water sign which is given to people who are born between October 24th and November 22nd. People who are born under this sign are said to have qualities like being sensual, intuitive and imaginative, wilful, highly sensitive and emotional, a large sexual appetite, confident, dignified, loyal and devote, perseverance, manipulative and controlling.

Scorpio tattoos will generally have a picture of this deadly creature which is combined with the Scorpio symbol, which is the letter M with an arrow. A partially coiled scorpion can signify that the wearer is a fighter or someone to be reckoned with, with the shoulders and arms being the most popular place for large tattoos. However, a small Scorpio tattoo can be seen on a woman’s ankle or foot and is both intriguing an attractive. This type of tattoo can be a reminder that even though the scorpion is small, he should be feared, as he is mighty. The wearer of these tattoos can be sending a subtle message of the quiet and small can still be forceful, and sometimes even deadly.

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