54 Trendy Girls Hairstyles

Grooming is a girls’ thing. All the grooming boys do is wash their face with soap. But girls do much more, and it all suits them to be honest. So today we are presenting girls hairstyles and haircuts for teenagers to look hearth robing.

These hairstyles are cute, trendy, stylish but they are not over the top or plain crazy. They can make anyone popular but they won’t make anyone look stupid.

I’ve have divided them into two categories, long hair girls hairstyles and short hair girls hairstyles. Hope you enjoy.

Long Hair Girls Hairstyles

This is cool if you have lots hair… something like Hermione (from Harry Potter).

curly hairstyle for girls

This is a very popular haircut among girls, especially students.

red head long hair

This is a cool Asian look.

young girl hairstyle

Hottest hairstyle for blond girls.

Hottest hairstyle for blond girls

Bedroom look.

subly gorgeous

I can’t say anything about the hair. The chain is snatching all my focus.

Brown Delight

Here comes the real Hermione.

Braided Emma Watson


attractive black girly hairstyles

A very girly hairstyle. I also feel it’s a bit hippie.

long hair are always in fashion

Kate Winslet knows her hair.

Kate Winslet hairstyle

Traditional South Asian style.

young girl braided hairstyle

I love that rose.

simple and stylish

This is one creative hairstyle.

stylish and simple

Loved it.

hot black

Typical traveling girls hairstyle.

mix of mod and old

When you wanna be desirable.

sensual look

When you wanna look cool.

the bold mod

When… you know!

attractive blond

When you are popular and you know it.

When you are popular and you know it

When something routine is not enough.

When something routine is not enough

One for Facebook.

One for the Facebook

When too much is not required.

When too much is not required

Cool girl next door hairstyle.

Cool girl next door hairstyle

You are attractive and you make sure everyone knows it.

You are attractive and you make sure everyone knows it

Bedroom hair.

Bedroom Hair

This is a very creative way to bind your hair.

Creative braided hairstyle

When you wanna say something with your hair.

When you wanna say something with your hair

Old is new these days.

retro hairstyle for girls

Carry it with grace.

famous hairstyle


blond hairstyles

This might be too much, but hey, nobody’s judging.

fashionable hairstyle for girls

The vintage beauty never goes out of style.

hairstyle of 60s

This is a cool hairstyle for girls who don’t wanna show their forehead. I friend of mine had a bandage on her forehead so she started wearing it. Not even her closest friends got to know her little secret 🙂

red summers

This bun requires you to have lots of hair. I feel this kind of bun comes handy if you’ve had one of those barbershop mishaps.

the girly bun

I think Julia Roberts made this girls hairstyle famous.

curly tight

This isn’t really a hairstyle but it definitely is a style.

the girl next door

Feel like a Hollywood star.

attractively messy hairstyle

Short Hair Girls Hairstyles

Now we come to short hair girls haircuts.


This is not really a young girl’s hairstyle, this is a mature woman hairstyle but sometimes girls wanna look mature. This is what your haircut should be like if you are deliberately trying to look mature.

elegantly dashing

Keeping this hairstyle is very difficult.

paris hilton like hairstyle

Here comes the short hair.

boy cut hairstyle for girls

Egyptian princess hairstyle.

egyptian black

Bond girl?

Bond girl hairstyle

The funk is on.

The funk is on

Believe me, she looks very innocent but that’s her expression. It has nothing to do with the hairstyle. In fact, I feel the hairstyle will make you look evil.

eye-catching distortions

Sometimes, short is sexy.

Sometimes, short is sexy

Hydrogenized hair.

Hydrogenized hair

Brunettes kick in.

Brunettes kick in

Margaret Thatcher wore a similar hairstyle.

Margaret Thatcher wore a similar hairstyle

Girly but hardcore.

Girly but hardcore

This one is just girly.

This one is just girly

Play it cool.

Play it cool

Girls hairstyle to wear with gel.

Girls hairstyle to wear with gel

Short hairstyle for girls with attitude.

famous girly hairstyle


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