15 Fun Ideas for Long Hairstyles

Name one supermodel that does not sport long, luxurious hair. While there are a few, it is likely that not one came to mind quickly. While long hairstyles can be worn by anyone, there are certain face shapes that enhance the beauty of long hair.

Let’s explore these specific face shapes, what textures of hair look best worn long, and delve into the myth that long hair should only be worn by younger women. Finally, we will look at the numerous long hairstyles there are to choose from.

It is a proven fact that there are certain face shapes that are accented by long hairstyles. Oval-shaped faces can pull off almost any long hairstyle. Round faces look best with long hair that is kept close to the cheeks and is flat ironed into a very sleek look.

Diamond shaped faces look best when long hair is tucked behind the ear to accentuate the cheekbones. An oblong shaped face is perfectly complimented by long layers. Finally, there are certain textures of hair that look best when worn long.

Wavy hair, when worn in long layers, allows the wave to release itself and gives a nice swing to the hair. Also, curly hair can be absolutely gorgeous when worn long and it prevents the volume of the hair from being overwhelming.

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Over the years there has been quite a stir caused by women over a certain age wearing their hair longer than shoulder length. There has been an unwritten rule followed by many that state women over the age of 40 should cut their hair short in order to maintain a more youthful appearance, but this is simply not the case.

Women of all ages can look absolutely stunning and young with long hairstyles as long as their hair is kept in good condition. Examples include Jane Seymour, who is in her 60’s, and has always worn her hair long.

Juliann Moore is in her 50’s and keeps her locks long and gorgeous. Courtney Cox is in her late 40’s and has spectacular long hair. These are just a few examples why it is not necessary to run to your hairstylist on your fortieth birthday for a cut.
















Finally, long hairstyles prove to be very versatile. Hair can be worn loose and allow to flow in the wind whether you have wavy, curly, or sleek, straight hair. It can be pulled up into a half do. It can be pulled into a classic high ponytail or a cute ponytail at the nape of your neck.

It can be styled into a French braid or a French twist that will last all day and keeps your hair firmly out of your face. It can be pulled back into a bun or chignon for an elegant look. You can opt for bangs or choose to go without.

There is simply no hairstyle that you cannot try out with long hair. You can do pretty much anything with it and create any style you can imagine.

There is nothing more gorgeous and feminine than healthy hair worn in a long hair style. Regardless of age or race, it is a beautiful look that provides a versatility not found with other hair lengths.

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