25 Exceptional Fairy Tattoos

One design in tattoos that has mostly caught on among women as a favorite is cute little fairy tattoos. This design appeals to people’s fancies and whims, plus the design can be made as discreet or as bold as you’d like it. Usually, the fairy tattoo will have a figure of an extremely rendered, but tiny woman with beautiful wings.

The basic design in and of itself is quite cute and usually very visually appealing. There are also a lot of styles which you can pick from, plus vary to fit it exactly to your liking. In fact, the selection for tattoos of fairies is extremely large. You can choose for instance a more Goth style fairy, or one which has an evil air to it or even a darker aura all around her.

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Who Wears Fairy Tattoos and Where Should They be Placed?

Most of the time, you will find that younger women like to wear fairy tattoos. However, you can find that occasionally, depending on the type of fairy tattoo, you will occasionally see some men with them. Since these are a mythical creature, tattoos of fairies are very popular with a lot of different people.
Since tattoos of fairies come in lots of different sizes, they can be put pretty much anywhere on your body. The most popular locations include the hips, arms, ankles and lower back, which are great locations for women who want to get a tattoo of a fairy. Common places for men include the legs, top back shoulder and arms. You will need to base where you put the tattoo on the size that it will be.

Types of Fairy Tattoos

There are several different types of tattoos of fairies that you can choose from. These can include:

Gothic Fairy Tattoos – These designs are drawn in a Gothic style. They can offer a great alternative to the traditional cute design that many people get.

Fairy Dust Tattoos – Fairies are often thought of with fairy dust. You can easily incorporate colorful fairy dust into fairy tattoos.

Fairy Angel Tattoos – Since fairies have a lot in common with angels like spirituality, grace and beauty, the distinction between the two of them can be harder to see with a fairy angel design.

Flower Fairy Tattoos – Designs of fairies can work so well when they are mixed with flowers. A tattoo artist who is talented can take brightly colored flowers and contrast them to the fairy itself.

Fairy Wing Tattoos – These are sort of like angel wing tattoo designs. A picture of fairy wings can be tattooed on a woman’s back to show she aspires to have qualities of a fairy.

Fairy Tattoos with Stars – Fairies can also look great when they are mixed together with stars.

Black Fairy Tattoos – Not all fairies are good, and in fact they can be quite troublesome. Some people like to get a tattoo of a fairy that is on the darker side.

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Fairy Tattoos

Awesome Fairy Tattoo on back

awesome fairy tattoo on back

Ballerina Fairy Tattoo

ballerina fairy tattoo

Best Black Tattoo of Fairy

best black fairy tattoo

This is black with red

black red fairy tattoo

This tattoo got blue fairy and some names

blue fairy tattoo

This is a highly detailed fairy tattoo on shoulder

colorful fairy tattoo shoulder


dark fairy tatoo

This tattoo gives sadistic look and depicts dark fairy.


Evil Tinker Bell Fairy Tattoo?

dark tinkerbell tattoo

Sleeve Fairy Tattoo

Sleeve Fairy Tattoo








huge-fairy-tattoo-on back








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