20 Beautiful Updo Hairstyles

An updo hairstyle is a grooming of the hair which lifts the hair up off of the shoulders instead of letting it fall naturally. There are many different updo styles ranging from pony tails, to more elegant or elaborate sweeps such as buns, chignons, and French twist variations, which are intended for weddings, proms or other special occasions. Whether your hair is medium or long, there are styles that will be perfect to meet your beauty needs, and prepare you to go out in style, whatever the occasion.

Before selecting the updo that is right for you, there are some things to consider. The shape of your face, body type and the style of clothing you wear are all factors that work together to give you the look you desire, and that fits your needs.  Updo hairstyle variations such as the French twist look particularly good on people with oval shaped faces, This style is so versatile that it works for all age groups, wearing formal, semi-formal or casual clothing. It lends a sensual twist to the appearance of a woman wearing jeans and a casual dressy top and can tip the scales from casual to dressy casual. This is a perfect choice for those in-between occasions that are not dressy, but above casual.

Another variation that is perfect for the oval face is the 40s pinup style up-dos. This style is a perfect complement to the resurgence of the 40s style dresses that are coming back in vogue. The hair is up-swept and twisted near the crown, often to the side, and fastened near the crown with bobby pins.

If the shape of your face is round, an updo hairstyle with leaves some hair framing the face, with fullness at the crown looks best on you. To make this style more formal, bring all of your hair back into a chignon shape, except for the wisps that frame your face, and maintain the fullness at the crown. Round faces should avoid updo styles that are pulled back tightly with no facial framing.
Square shaped faces look great with an updo that pulls the hair away from the face, leaving no framing. A bun type style is a good fit for square shapes, and can be used for formal, casual or in-between occasions. This is also a comfortable hairstyle for just knocking around the house.

If your face is heart shaped, the best updo style is swept back into a chignon at the base of the neck. To create a more casual look, allow a few tresses to fall gently framing your face.
Finding that perfect updo hairstyle can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t had a lot of experience with hairstyling. Though once you’ve found your unique look, you’ll be glad that you did. Whether your hair is medium or long, you have many options available. We are providing you with a collection of updo hairstyles that will suit any occasion, whether a casual, semi-formal, or formal look is called for.





















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