1960s Fashion for Men & Women

1960’s fashion was the biggest fashion change since stitched clothing. 60’s changed everything; women started to wear pants men grew hair. Gypsy culture was booming and the Beatles were spearheading everything in fashion.
The capital of all this cultural swing was London. Back in those days, London was the capital of everything, and that’s why Time Magazine dedicated a whole issue (April 15th, 1966) to this historic city. Time also gave it a name: Swinging City.

This swinging revolution emerged for two factors, youth and money. And another third factor also came into existence which was WW-II. The war struck, devastated and frightened people finally had a chance to breath in the 50’s. The economy was back on track so people had money, and baby boom in 1950’s ensured that by mid-60’s, London was younger than it had been since Roman times. All these young lads (who are now our parents, and grandparents) wanted to something crazy, something deviant which gave them identity.

Feminist movement led that fashion. The new female model was the one who was self-independent, confident and wore clothes that were reserved only for men, like pants.

Men’s fashion was led by Beatles. From gypsy culture to hairstyles and from getting high to social awareness campaigns, Beatles led in almost every aspect.

These fashion trends of the 60s were so awesome that every year, many fashion shows are dedicated to the styles of sixties. Just last year, a major event took place.

1960’s Fashion for Men

In 60’s, about 40% of London’s population consisted of youth. And they had more income that their parents in their age. In fact, according to government records, Londoners were earning 200% more than the cost of living. With so much money and so little responsibilities, of course the men decided to shake things up.

Even in United States, things were not at all bad. Things were so good actually that America was all good to put a man on the moon. And since there is no language barrier between London and New York, both cities adapted each other’s trends, cultures and everything related.

The modernists, called “Mods”, were the drivers of that fashion wave. They used sharp colors for shirts but suits remained in dark colors. Actually men’s fashion was not really about clothes, it was about hairstyles. Clothes also changed but clothing always keeps evolving. One that changed in clothing styles was choosing rough and tough clothes on business. You could also suit up with a jacket or you could put your belt above your shirt (a fashion in India).

Micheal Caine

mod white suit

None other than President Kennedy

Oh stop it, you're killing gregory peck

Peace bro

Portobello Road in 1967

Rocking the streets

Steve McQueen

taking mod on the streets

Vest is amazing

yellow bell-bottom pants

60s revived

All suited and hated up


bond, james bond

Double breast coat and sweater

Grown up man's suiting

High Contrast

Jersey Sweaters

Londoners in mod

manhattan men on the road

Men in sweater vests

1960’s Fashion for Women

60’s fashion was ruled by women. They were the soul and heart of the whole campaign. Their fashion trends were not basically just about change of clothing but they were breaking of norms.
Women of 60’s broke many barriers and elevated themselves to a place of equality amongst men. Even the fashion icons of that time were the power holding women, such as the first lady Jackie Kennedy. She introduced pillbox hat which was a major trend during 60’s.

Apart from the pillbox hat, culottes, PVC dresses, pants and go go boots became popular. Two famous fashion inventions of the 60’s are mini-skirt and bikinis.
The bikini as we know it, comprises four triangle pieces of cloth, leather or whatever material. Two triangles for each unit of the bikini.

The hippie movement also played a major role in the fashion. Thanks to this movement we had bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye and paisley prints.

The most significant of character of fashion photography in those days was “The Single Girl”. This girl was young, economically independent, active, gorgeous, and of course, single. In those days, for the first time in history, female fashion photography was taken outdoors. Prior to that, all fashion photography was done inside studios and models used to pose into the camera. However, 60’s women were usually doing something, that maybe sports, business work or anything such. They were not usually posing for the cameraman.

Pierre Cardin

Rise of the pants

striped 60s

swinging street of the 60s

The Gorgeous Janet_Lee

The hip hippie

The independent mod

the swinging london

trendy goggles, mod belt and trousers


When people thought mini skirts were too much

Wrangler poster from 1967

Yorkville Village during swinging 60s

60s in close up

1960s Fashion by Mod Squad

A date on the street in 60s

A picture from glamour magazine

Alexandra Stewart from the 60s

An attention getting dress

Audrey Hepburn during 60s

autumn 1962

bare belly bell bottoms

bare belly modernism

beatles mania on its peak

Decent, classy and striking

elegancy level 60's

Fashion trends from 1960s

female portrait

from 1963 vogue magazine

from harper's bazaar 1965

from seventeen magazine on 1967

from vogue 1964

from vogue 1967

grace delivered


how awesome is that white tie

Milan Fashion Week from 1960s

minor skirts

mod awesomeness all over

Mod girls on the street

mod girls

Natalie Wood

Ossie Clark in 1968

Paris 1967
picnic in style


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